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Carrie Jaquith


Carrie Jaquith is a Vice President at Lazard where she leads efforts in emerging tech, digital product, and analytics. She is a thoughtful leader, mentor, diplomat, and designer of elegant solutions to problems that lie within fixed frameworks. She is a mapper and navigator of the invisible networks that connect humans and systems. Following studies in classical music and art she has charted a career spanning design, software development, and technology. She has designed human-friendly software experiences in the finance space and has led technology deployments in 21 countries. She co-founded Lazard’s first digital group and has collaborated with teams at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Microsoft. Ms. Jaquith is an active participant in NYU's annual ITP Camp where she gets to play with lasers, sensors, and robots. She is a member of a think tank and innovation teams focused on data visualization, machine learning, and finance. A student of Joan Lader and member of One World Symphony, she loves to collaborate on projects that blend classical music, education, and social good. She is inspired by experiences in voice and painting studios, machine shops for things that go fast, computer labs, and video games.