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Frank Chaparro

The Block

Frank Chaparro leads editorial efforts for The Block, a research and information property in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as its Director of News.

Mr. Chaparro started his career at Business Insider, where he specialized in the intersection of digital assets and Wall Street, market structure, and financial technology. He has received numerous accolades for his work and maintained the position as one of the most well-read fintech reporters through his time there, breaking stories on bulge bracket investment banks, exchanges, and high-frequency trading firms.

Soon after joining Business Insider in 2017, Mr. Chaparro was interviewing top finance and tech executives, including billionaire Mark Cuban, “Flash Boys” star Brad Katsuyama, and New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley. In 2018, he become a sought after reporter in the crypto world, interviewing luminaries such as Tyler Winklevoss, the cofounder of Gemini, R Martin Chavez, the former chief information officer of Goldman Sachs, and Mike Bodson, the CEO of DTCC. He joined The Block to dive deeper into his specialty and is responsible for investigating the most powerful figures and firms in the cryptocurrency market, while leading a global team of financial journalists and researchers.